Born in Omaha Nebraska December 17th 1981, 3rd offspring of an electrical engineer and a Hair dresser. As far back as I can remember, I enjoyed doodling. My earliest memory would have to be my father bringing home stack after stack of old-style printing paper from his work (the kind with the perforated rip away sides). Before I started school, I would spend most hours of the day drawing or building things out of Legos. When I started school… I found myself disinterested and looking for ways to escape.




I soon realized that if I turn all these worksheets over, I had a perfectly good piece of drawing paper. I continued to draw through the years exercising different ideas and concepts, but never really having any direction. Fate as an “artist” never crossed my mind, only the conscience thought of how much I love to do it. When I graduated high school, with nothing more than a few school club t-shirt designs under my belt, I enrolled at Private University, where I studied graphic design, and graduated with my associates degree in interactive media.






I now wanted to be “freelance artist”. I started doing small jobs for people I knew with “connections”. One of my first jobs was doing illustrations to accompany articles for a small local magazine called “sonic”. I believe I was compensated for 2 of the 7 designs I drew for them. After feeling cheated and frustrated I decided I needed to go more corporate if I wanted to make money at this. I applied for a graphic illustrator position at both local newspapers The Arizona Republic and the Mesa Tribune. Both portfolios which included originals that I submitted were lost, and never heard back from either of the jobs. At this point I was getting discouraged; I needed money, and was still living with my parents at the age of 21. I began working at UPS loading trucks to make a pay. Over the many years I worked there I would go home and draw my coworkers in the ridiculous situations that would occur at work illustrating in the same parody style of my favorite drawings growing up, Garbage Pail Kids.


I started to have people approach me and pay me to draw things for them, band logos, tattoo designs, party banners, and even caricatures at children’s birthday parties. Though this new found sense of worth felt good, I soon missed the freedom of no barriers or rules, and overall drawing my own ideas. At the age of 22 eager for freedom I moved out of my parents and into a house with coworkers, only to enter a 4 year binge of self-destruction. While I lived there I engulfed myself with alcoholism and graffiti, leading to an extreme DUI and 5 charges of criminal damage 2 of which I served time in tent city. I was far off the map from where I knew I needed to be in life. I soon got a better paying job as a technician and moved back to mesa, getting an apartment just a mile away from the house in which I grew up. I now had my first real place to myself. I would spend the next 3 years in that little one bedroom apartment, blinds closed, music blasting and never letting a day go by without doodles. I began to meet other people that liked to do what I did. I started having friends over for collaborative sessions, which exposed to me to more information and critique. I was truly in love with this silly hobby of mine.

I began to experiment with what seemed like intimidating mediums, acrylic on canvas, and airbrush. I also stared doing live canvas art at various events and venues, which put me elbow to elbow with some of the best local artist in the scene. I felt in my heart that I was back on track to where I needed to be in life. I did live art consistently for 2 years straight; soon realizing I wasn’t finishing my canvases, because my ideas and layouts were taking a lot longer than 3-4 hours, so I started to just work on canvas at home. I have since moved again and have had a crazy last few years, teaching me a lot more about life, myself, and this thing called “art”. It is my true love, and my worst heartbreak rolled into one. I now feel that it is my true purpose to keep drawing and interpreting my life’s experiences for others to enjoy and relate to, in turn….to reflect life.